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– a partner or companion to a reigning monarch
– to accompany, join, or unite with others

At Consort we believe businesses can deliver brand value by improving the customer and the employee experience!

Customers and employees have higher expectations than ever before. With Product and Price similar across most industries, the experience that you deliver to your customers and employees affects advocacy more than any other factor. People buy into a company beyond just a product or a price as a consumer, or beyond just a job as an employee. They buy into your purpose, people need to get it!

Loyalty is the Holy Grail that companies are looking for, that experience that makes customers and employees ‘sticky’ to them and where the long-term value is found. You don’t get that from a product or service, you get that because of the way you make someone feel! It needs to be personal, it needs to be different and it needs to be consistent. Truly great companies inspire!

Whether it is choosing the right technology, helping you develop your strategic plans, or assisting in creating an effective transformation programme, Consort understands how to help you deliver brand value for your business. With over 20 years’ experience working with the worlds most customer centric organisations, we have the experience to help you deliver commercial success, build innovative business strategies & create effective operational teams.

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What is brand value? Whether it is people aspiring to work for you, or customers being loyal to staying with you, the quality and consistency of your brand experience will be one of the most valuable things you can invest in! A brand will live or die with the actions of every employee so the employee experience and culture of the workplace is key for the leaders in the business to deliver. Your brand strategy then doesn’t need to focus on products or services as its key differentiator, only the experiences you deliver to your customers and employees will create the kind of advocacy that will see your company lead the market!

Consort is all about extracting that kind of value for businesses by improving the customer and employee experience. Whether you are a Financial Services company looking to restore confidence in your customer base, or a manufacturer looking to improve your supply processes, Consort can help you extract more brand value by focussing on the experience you offer today.

Whilst 93% of senior executives now acknowledge that these areas are a top 3 priority for their business, only 37% are even getting started to drive formal initiatives! With many business leaders still struggling to understand which way to turn, we can help demistify the areas you need to focus on for success.

To assist those looking to get the investment they need from their company, we have created the ‘Distinguished Dozen’ for you to share in your business plans to show the value that can be delivered from a new experience programme. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can support your business change programme.

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By the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator


higher stock value for companies who deliver a terrific customer experience


of customers who engage with companies use multiple channels to do so


of customers would give repeat business after a good customer experience


of customers who received a bad experience stopped doing business with that company


higher transaction values from repeat customers than from new customers


of CEO’s believe they deliver superior customer experience whilst only 8% of their customers agreed!


more engaged employees from a company offering a great customer experience


of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience


higher conversion rate on upsell and cross sell opportunities to existing customers vs a new prospect


reduction in operating costs by improving customer retention by just 2%


increase in sales through personalising the customer experience

Company History

Consort was formed by Craig McVoy after 20 years of working for some of the worlds leading brands in their operations and on customer experience programmes. Believing that there is a better way to deliver business success, Consort was created to allow more companies access to the kind of help required to compete in todays markets.

With a strong network of like minded associates & partners, Consort can help support you with whatever challenges you face around improving your brand value. We pride ourselves on caring about your business success and make your goals our goals! Contact us today to see how we can help you make a difference to your company results whilst creating customer and employee advocacy.

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