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9th March 2016

86% Of Customers Engage with Multiple Channels

86% Engage with Multiple Channels

Still think you don’t need an Omni Channel Strategy?

Now Customers Engage with Multiple Channels!

Today’s customers are more tech savvy than ever. They use technology on the go as part of their daily routine. More often than ever the consumer will start a process on their phone, move to desktop, maybe even to tablet before visiting the retail store! It has become a different way of interacting with the companies we allow into our lives and businesses need to change to accommodate it.

This daily activity now moves from device to device as the customer moves throughout their day. Early morning and evenings are dominated by mobile and tablet use at home and in the commute. The daytime sessions of 10am-5pm are still dominated by PC’s in working hours. But the balance of this is shifting with the rise of mobile and flexible working.


If you are not mobile responsive, then you better get busy doing that now!┬áDon’t leave it to chance that it’ll be ok, because your competitors aren’t! With the rise of start up’s and challenger brands coming through the markets, if you don’t evolve with customers needs, you’ll get left behind!

Over 58% of internet search is now done on mobile devices and that doesn’t even include laptops!


Not only is mobile usage growing as part of the channel mix, but also time spent with digital media in general is on the rise. The use of traditional channels is declining and therefore if you are not digital, you are not engaging with your customers!

If you want to keep your customers happy then all your channels will need to be joined up too! Your CRM strategy should manage activity across all channels and platforms. Considering consumer behaviour as well as transaction touchpoints. Existing legacy systems need to be integrated into the enterprise and all customer journeys need to take into account of the handoff points between devices.

Digital will continue to be a large focus area this year but you can’t just invest in the technology for success. Your processes and internal knowledge of new systems and channels need investment too. 31% of Customer Experience Programmes fail because of a failure to modify processes within change initiatives.

You need to have a fully trained workforce who are knowledgeable and skilled in the use of the customer channels. Able to walk the journeys with the customer in times of referral, as well as interact through a self serve model.

So its no wonder some executives are having sleepless nights! But its not as frightening as it may seem. As with all transformation it is about engaging the right suppliers, choosing the right equipment and getting assistance from professionals who can help you through the journey.

We understand what you are going through, so if you want some therapy just give us a call!

Until next time, keep loving your audiences!

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