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25th February 2016

Higher Conversion?

Daily Blog 10

How about 50% Higher Conversion?

Lets start with the basics. Hopefully you all have a product portfolio that has more than one product your customers can choose to purchase?

Good sales strategies are built around this approach.

They first of all allow customers to discover you, perhaps even providing them with a free offer of value to build that relationship.

Now they like you.

Once they interact with you they may even trust you a little.

Now a customer is prepared to buy from you. But they will generally test the water with a small purchase to start with.

Test for what you may ask?

Well, they are testing how it FEELS when they partner with you.

As we have gone over in recent blogs, if it feels good they might stay with you. If it feels bad they will leave for one of your competitors.

Lets just say though you provide a good experience and they remain a customer. How much more valuable could they be if you gave them a GREAT experience?

Well, if you provide them with a great experience, they don’t just stay with you but they then want to spend more with you.

Double Whammy!

Yes they then become willing to give you a larger share of their wallet! Which is why if you run a seamless CRM programme. Then it won’t even feel like they are being sold to.

But it needs to have a balanced contact cycle. HINT: If you have a relationship, where you are not trying to sell to your customers at every contact, it becomes a meaningful relationship.

And they will stay loyal to you as long as you look after them back. Even better, they will recommend you so that their friends & family buy from you!

Triple Whammy!

However, do not rest on your laurels. Loyalty remains only whilst they are getting the best value. I say value because as we know, it isn’t just about the cost or the product, its the overall experience.

Make sure though that you are dedicated to evolution. If someone else comes along and can do it better, cheaper, faster, or makes their life easier then it will test your relationship.

Have you made sure it is strong enough to survive that test?

Until tomorrow, keep loving your audiences!

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