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19th February 2016

4 out of 5 Customers you upset leave!

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82% Of Customers who received a Bad Experience, stopped doing business with that Company

The reverse of yesterday’s blog shows today the impact if you upset customers. We spoke about happy customers buying more yesterday. Well if you upset them they don’t just not buy more from you, 4 out of 5 Customers you upset leave!


So when you are working out the ROI of doing the experience, these two factors can be a major benefit in showing the return you get from investing in the experience.

Imagine the presentation!

So we can stop 80% of your customers leaving and then 80% of those that stay will then also buy more from you.

I think we all know the reaction most execs would have to that decision?

p.s. I’ve avoided those that just don’t believe it will happen. You can take the horse to the water……….

Until tomorrow, have a great Friday

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