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Business Transformation Network

2nd November 2015

Business Transformation Network Interview – Craig McVoy

How do different industry sectors associate Customer Experience?

In this video Craig breaks down the various topics people believe to be Customer Experience. Customer Experience can be found to represent Customer Services, Digital, Omni-Channel, Big Data, Marketing or even Employee Engagement in some businesses. This misconception is not uncommon though. Craig will take you through how these conversations have come up through the summer and how they all fit together!

The Business Transformation Network interview Craig on each of these categories as he explains the true description of this key business proposition.

With each of these key areas representing a very real challenge for businesses today, it is easy to see how they can be misunderstood. Which is most important? Which should we focus on first? Which of these should we spend our money on?

Cant we just have one initiative to tackle them all?

All of these topics and more are discussed in this compelling interview. A topic top of many executives lists to deal with this year. Sit back and enjoy the answers!

This video can also be viewed on the Business Transformation Website 

The Business Transformation Network (BTN) was formed in January 2012. Its goal is to be a leading, inclusive, thought leadership community for Business Change and Improvement professionals. Somewhere to share and disseminate ideas surrounding business change, improvement and transformation. The BTN is led by a management committee which facilitates all activities, events and content within the BTN framework.

The Business Transformation Network (BTN) is part of the Annapurna group of companies. Annapurna are an innovative and multi-award winning recruitment agency based in London and Munich, operating in the UK and DACH region of Europe. Specialising in providing high level recruitment services across the disciplines of HR, Change and IT.

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